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Wine Cellar

In the early 1990s, Viña Casa Donoso introduced stainless steel vats for the elaboration of its wines. This was a pioneer decision, which brought the winery a vanguard position together with Miguel Torres in the modernization of the Chilean wine industry. In accordance with the vision of producing fine wines of a quality beyond question, the overall renovation of the former cellars, investment in first-class equipment and modern winemaking technology became prior tasks.

Currently, Viña Casa Donoso has two different cellars, where the conditions of temperature, ventilation and humidity are naturally balanced thanks to the adobe walls, which guarantee excellent and stable environmental conditions.

Main Productive Features

— 2,200,000 liters of storage capacity
— Mechanical grape sorting table
— 2 hydraulic wine presses with 50 hectoliters of capacity
— 2 temperature control systems with a capacity of 560,000 BTUs
— 1,000 oak barrels: 70% French and 30% American oak.

Bottling line

Viña Casa Donoso counts with its own bottling and labeling line to allow an optimal timeframe in the product processing cycle. For all our Premium wines, all labels are bottled in origin, which means that beginning from the production of the grapes, winemaking and bottling, the overall elaboration process is done in the same place. This continuity ensures, not only a tribute to the purity of our wines, but also the best guarantee of authenticity and origin of the grapes we use.

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